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DUAL AGENCY......What is dual agency, and is it a good thing. This is when a company lists a property and also provides the buyer for it. In some states it is illegal. Is dual agency something you should be impressed by or should you look for a Realtor who says they sell a lot of there listings this way?


In MN and WI we refer to it as a hogger. In the past or older methods of Real Estate it was much more common then it is today, especially before the internet world wide web. Many company's in the old days would make it difficult or impossible for other company's to sell their listing. The goal for Realtors doing that was to one get both sides or the whole commission, and second portray or create a feeling to buyers they have to use them to get a chance at that property or others they may have. This is very uncommon today with the way marketing is being done, sure, some still attempt it but let's look at it from all angles.


You need a good list agent to set up your property on the market, and make sure it's marketed on the systems where the majority of all Real Estate is being sold. A good list agent will hopefully be on good terms with many or all cooperating Real Estate company's and local Realtors and offer a fair part of the commission to all of them to bring potential buyers. Now as a seller, who in your opinion should be producing the majority of the buyers? The one list agent with only potential buyers they can come up with alone? or the thousands of other Realtors in MN that may have potential buyers? That's right, the thousands of other Realtors in MN make it more realistic that with the right list agent marketing it they should be finding excellent potential buyers working with other Realtors. It's just simple truth and mathematics ,but make sure you have a good list agent to advertise to them and represent you in your best interest as the buyers Realtor will be representing them and will be out for there buyers best interest.


Let's take a look at the whole picture from the buyers shoes. The majority of them will want to work with a different Realtor that does not have the listing, sometimes it's because they prefer separate representation and want to avoid Dual Agency but usually it's because they already have a Realtor they like that is working for them they trust in and want to represent them. If your Realtor is listing your place and mainly concentrating on trying to achieve selling your home by them being the one who actually brings the buyer this could cost you dearly and uninformed sellers may not even be aware of this many times. That is wonderful if there marketing plan or explanation to intrigue you is they advertise to bring buyers for your property but the mathematical facts, as well as data proves that will not bring your best buyer the majority of the time. Hopefully it will not negatively effect any chances of the hundreds of other Realtors with potential buyers that may be willing to make you a better offer then the few buyers they could personally produce.


We end up selling some property's in the dual agency form from time to time. In that situation both party's must be aware of the representation going on and sometimes it really can be the best buyer for the seller and the best seller for the buyer, but if that was happening commonly you have to wonder if the seller is getting the best buyer or deal for them after reviewing the facts.